Fuck. We Have It Too Good

Why do we go through such great lengths to be a model citizen only to slowly break the rules of perfection and punish ourselves for it. We constantly are hearing that our voice counts only to see a steady move towards progress. We’ll just et the others do my deed for me. We watch from a window when we’re able to make change happen. Just so damn lazy to do anything. But I’ll hashtag the hell out of a movement. Speaking more about my fellow Americans than anyone else. What’s the worst that could happen? But everyone is damn sure to catch the premier of the new DC movie on a Thursday Midnight Showing with work just hours away in the morning.


We’re led to believe if we do a few good things that life’s never ending cycle will be kind to us in old age. Go to school, eat right, go to the gym, fuck gluten, have sex with only one person, don’t drink, smoke, or snort anything. And if you do anything the wrong way – you’re a bad person.
But you’re not, you just can sleep at 6am cause you just had the best ecstasy and coke laced evening of your life.
Fuck It. Go make stories. Glut here and there, but not all of us are as stupid as we act.
Why are we living to be models for a generation already hopped up on sugar and subliminal messages in advertising. Who are we fucking kidding? The little girl now will explore her sexuality and be called a feminist at age 20 with millions of YouTube followers. The little boy eating a crayon in the corner, will be the next George W. Bush.
This could all change with a Trump presidency. But the
point is – be radical, shake shit up, and leave the world to be more free.

Fuck Normal.

Let’s get our fingers out of our asses and live a little.

untitled 15 March 2016

Sometimes in life we must go it alone to know that we need someone else to help us along the way. I’ve been to busy chasing the dreams of a child than noticing where my growth as a man has gotten me.

The road has been long. That road sometimes reached a dead end, but what I saw around that wall was treacherous terrain that no one has crossed.

Funny how a film or music can influence someone to look at themselves. Meanwhile a mirror is close by, but all you see are the imperfections.

Not sure I’m cut out for normal anymore. Average doesn’t cut it.

I cry now from the joy of what is to come, the days that I’ve that I wish had never passed, and those who wished me better days.

– C

Kalimera Nightclub: Modern Day Robbery

Won’t emphasize on this story too much since it’s better told in person, but here’s the gist of it.

If you’re traveling alone, you have to make sure of your surroundings and the people you talk to. Few nights ago, I was pretty naive and thought two guys who approached me were just travelers there for work and being friendly.

1st – fuck with your emotions. Take you to a bar, buy you a drink. At this point I already had 2L of beer – and they knew. Again, naive.

2nd – these fuckers are slick. They’ll tell that we’ll go to one place. It’ll be fun. Just hop in the cab. I’ve basically walked a pretty large chunk of Istanbul, so if I wanted to leave I could.

3rd – The Con. This is where they take you to this nightclub. When you walk in, there’s “pretty girls” dancing. I say that with the stereotypical Arab accent. These girls are from the Ukraine and Russia. Looks like they belong in a mail order catalog. Cute. But if it were guys looking like Channing Tatum or Zac Efron – it’ll be a different story.

Everyone is drinking and they bring girls to the table. These guys want me to dance with them put my arms around them. And think that little ol me doesn’t realize what’s going on. I have a half glass of vodka and stopped drinking. I started declining drinks for the ladies. This is when things get weird.

I went to the washroom, without my bag – like an idiot. And the guys want me to dance some more. So I do. I bounce my pectoral boobs. Women love it and it’s led to gay threesomes. So everyone loves it.

4th – The Bill.  Now it’s the end of the night and the tab comes over. It’s for about $3400USD. I’m shocked and I’m declining every single thing from these guys. I basically agree to pay for two drinks. They’re not happy. I tell the guy to charge me for two while the con men are saying pay for half. This is when I need to grab my shit and go. Basically telling them to fuck off and the anger is brewing from the bar staff and the con men. Luckily there’s taxis everywhere in Instanbul.

Lucky for me, black people stand out, I rush to the cab and this guy is pleading for his money or things will happen. I get in the cab with no destination yet and I’m out that bitch.

After some googling the next day by a US friend. My story has been told for over 11 years.

“Single Man Robbery”

When the banks started emailing and my accounts were locked, I knew something was wrong. The next day I’m on the phone figuring out that thousands of dollars were attempted on all my cards. Going dancing with pretty lady meant – let’s go through this guys shit. One guy on the dance floor while the other does the work.

Lesson learned. And this was the 2nd highway robbery I had in Instanbul. I might need to dust off the passport by myself a bit more and be vigilant.

All in all, great city. But when they con. They con hard.

Small World Difference

Arrived in Turkey about five days ago on my trip to escape the American circus that is Trump. Crazy to know that people know very well of the man trying to spread his hate to Muslims, Blacks, and Latinos alike. Engaging in American politics will prove no difference to anything here, but the entertainment brings fear and skepticism.


This hasn’t and was not expected to be one of those fantasy European vacations. I got exactly as I intended of being almost invisible. Making new conversations and leaning about a place through the words of the people who make up Turkey.

It’s a somewhat a country in limbo of what’s next. The government is slowly reigning in certain freedoms of women and LGBT. Women covering their faces has become more evident. Where once not allowed in government and school buildings is now the opposite. The influx of Syrians has also left some cautious of what’s next. LGBT rights in an Islamic state… enough said. But the number of gay people in Istanbul is bound to give the American gay utopia a run for it’s money.


A few days left in the area where East meets West and still plenty to see. Experiencing a country of old with people of new is far more better than Netflix & Chill.

Thirst and the Penis Pic


Vulgar. Horrible. Small. Frightening. Huge.

These are just a few ways to describe when guys and girls receive that infamous dick pic on their mobile device. Men that are well endowed feel that their glorious gift needs to be seen by the masses to attract a mate. Some men know that the butterface effect is certainly a factor since no one is giving them the time of day to begin with.

The nipple has flown free for ages, but do you see women willingly sending you snaps of their snatch to start a conversation. No – because the thirst is not that real. Boobs are just boobs. Taking the chest with extra fat isn’t anything to lose your minds about. The vagina though, comes in different shapes and sizes just like a penis. Some are cute, furry, and blown out, enough reasons to just leave it for an in person introduction.

Thirsty are those seeking so much attention it gets annoying. Being so willing to let go of your morals to gain attention for a quick lay. Fellas, it’s time to quench that thirst and refrain from taking a picture of the laziest piece of hardware on the human body. SnapChat angles and an Instagram Filter,  wouldn’t it make sense to wait patiently for the recipient to see it up close. Pictures are deceiving.

In the age of everything on your phone susceptible to being leaked, let’s keep it in our pants. Catfishing isn’t just that face and torso pic anymore. You really want your penis to lead to an ugly dude getting laid. That could’ve been all yours!

My two cents for common sense. Now let me get riled up and send someone a present… a smile.


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Bey is causing a stir and white people don’t know what to do with themselves.

In 2016, America is continuing to be exposed to Black America. The issues that continue to be brought to everyones attention of a race oppressed are showing up on mobile devices worldwide. Traditional media doesn’t know how to cover a (viral) movement when it doesn’t include an all star white cast.

#BlackLivesMatter has not lost it’s edge, police are starting to be accounted for (not completely), and Beyonce can release a political message that you can dance to.

Most may not understand “when he fuck me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster”. It might sound ghetto, but Black Americans know cheese biscuits can be that fire when homemade. But Red Lobster be slappin’ all day.

Google Crack Chicken Lansing

Its, often people fear what they don’t understand. Until we get our fair shot, black people will continue to voice their frustrations, their love, and their hope for people of color. Most may not understand it, but once introduced to it, you may find what you love in life is inspired by beautiful people of color.


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2016 Election: The Conversation Lacking Substance

After hours of Republicans pouncing my eardrums with such political nonsense, I realize that the conversation in this country about our next president is lacking. Oozing with bigotry and “what real Americans want to say”, it’s just a sideshow circus going on a national tour.

We all know about Trump, so I’ll leave him out of it. But what about the rest of the Republicans. Is there really no one that can stop this man. And the scarier part, there’s actual supporters out there for someone who speaks such rhetoric. The Republicans look like a long campaign ad that’s more like a 4AM informational. The Democrats are no better.

Hilary, Hilary, Hilary – Who Cares?

The Democrats aren’t being realistic. How is a country with such massive debt going to give the farm to the middle class with raising taxes on EVERYONE. The worst part and the people who believed in Obama’s promise of Hope & Change and now following this unrealistic fantasy of the Democratic Party.

It’s still early, so let’s see who steps up. But so far, I’m not impressed. At this point, I’m on Bernie’s Team. He’ll have to call himself a liberal and push the envelope a little, but that might be to Politically Correct.


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