I’m one of those crazed people who lost it when Adele was heard during a commercial break on X Factor UK. And now I’m pressing repeat to a make up song I feel like I’ve lived, but far from any moment like that one sang.

This new Adele record is not the best in the world by any means, but the lyrics and her voice just do something to make hyun enjoy and sad song. Similar to Lionel Richie’s hello.

Enjoy them both below.

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Relishing In A Dark Moment

The world seems to be doing an about-face on positive energy and instead, feeding everyone fear. This isn’t something new. Ever since we’ve become more a police state to “fight terrorism”, it’s all about making us feel “safe”.

Code words for lock yourself in a hole and hold on to the guns Obama will soon take away.

As a black man in 2015, I admit, I feel anything but safe. I can certainly hold my own, but when the law is not on your side, how can you invoke change. Waiting for world and community leaders is a fallacy that no longer works in the Like/Tweet world. Making a hashtag is not going to stop harassment or the stereotypes people already may have of me. Yes, it brings awareness, but the responsibility still must be with the people in whole. For all those that think that there’s no hope for stopping mass incarceration or having the police harass you based on the color of your skin, there are ways to relish in a dark moment.

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And We’re Back

Moved over to WordPress to spread my wings a little bit more. I’m about 9 months too late.

*Procrastination is my specialty

Ready to get back to giving you TMI, Music News, Fashion and finally start a podcast.

Let’s see how many fucks are given

Check Out Chris Brown – Zero

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#WhineAboutIt – Online Dating

One of my favorite videos from Whine About It that explains the hardships and ridiculousness of social dating apps.

The struggle is real.

Evolution Without Visual

We’re evolving. Every day. We may not notice the changes around us, but it’s a lot. When you stop and think about what was the same as yesterday.  Other than the fact you got up out of bed and skipped the gym cause of the previous night. Those are things that are apparent. But when you really begin to think of what humans themselves are doing, this wouldn’t be happening say 20 years ago or even 5! 

We saw away with physical things. Swiping a card is now tapping your phone. The Internet of things has always been around, but now we’ve given devices the means to talk to each other. 
Privacy and safety are another concern that we didn’t see come coming, but now we have to ask questions. The privacy policy on all these sites should be read. Who owns you? Do you even have a say? 
I’m not here to really lecture or make you think a hacker is lurking somewhere in Russia. But it’s just crazy to think of the home phone, VHS players, and CD stores. This technology not only changes us, but how we adapt to our everyday lives. 
Soon health will be online, doctors can share info. There’s no need for those large rooms of a paper (VA offices though are shameful). 
We are evolving and it doesn’t look like the Jetsons. That’s a bit away, we finally see Pluto – so there’s that way of traveling. 
Life seems small, but fucking awesome. 


The things we take for granted. SMH.  Putting more focus on the things that do nothing for us, but create gossip and gets ourselves so worked up when a reality housewife is leaving a show. 

I sit and take back what 28 years has looked like. There’s great moments. Seeing what you’ve become of your parents upbringing + the world you’ve seen, and you could really make yourself into being whatever you want. 
You don’t need some bullshit book to give yourself a quick way to become a millionaire. How many millionaires do you know? Did they read a book from another dude and made it in 30 days? Shit takes time, effort, and not giving up when things get just a little difficult. 
Success is not measured in the career in the tower with your office next to Steven who graduated not soon after you. 
If you could fly away to Timbuktu- would you? What’s stopping you from taking life by the sexy man (or woman) that it is. Why not give it a good go round. Fuck the living hell out of life till you can’t bust anymore. 
You can become anything or you can choose to become nothing. 
– Curtis

King Kunta

The new Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp A Butterfly, album is probably the most realest album released in hip hop in a very long time. Could compare him to 2Pac with no hesitation. Check out his latest single King Kunta.


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